Submitted for the approval of this august Society...

Wayward anonymous sorcerers gather each month at the moon’s fullness. After going around, each member sharing the details of a working performed in the month since the previous gathering, the true purpose of the meeting begins.

One of three things may occur:

One member presents in full the details of a failed or less than successful rite. The others then confer and consult. Or…

One member presents a new and untried working for both consultation and a commitment that all will perform the rite before the next meeting, and will report their findings at the next gathering. Or…

Finally, a newly proposed member may present for the company’s approval, an original rite for consideration. The members will confer, they may question the applicant, and they will, before the next full moon, perform the rite. The results of which will inform their vote at the next meeting as to the applicants acceptance.

The rule of the society is DISCRETION, its watchword, ACTION.


The path runs through the thicket, still.


Application does not guarantee Acceptance

We Are a Members-Only Private Society

Member Privacy

Membership is fully confidential.

Growing Digital Library

Members enjoy access to our growing library of original content.

Private Shop

Members have access to various private “accessories” which may be used within their magical rites, or to identify and recognize other members during their wanderings.

The path runs through the thicket, still.

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