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You are here because you have been extended a very rare courtesy – an invitation to interview for membership in our august Society. Congratulations on making it to this step – many do not. This means that not only was your application deemed worthy, but that some current member has significant faith in you.

I pray you deserve it.

Please use the following form to upload a word, txt, or rtf file which details a wholly original magical rite of your own creation. I trust I need not emphasize that plagiarism is grounds for an immediate disqualification.

Use the comments field of this form to briefly outline the intent of the ritual, spell, or rite – what inspired you, what were your sources, and (most importantly) what is it intended to DO.

During a meeting whose time and location and means of access shall be disclosed to you later, you shall present this rite to the gathered members. They will question you. They will study the rite, and after the conclusion of the meeting, they will perform the rite to assess its efficacy, among other things.

All of this will be taken into consideration when they then vote on your membership application.


The path runs through the thicket, still.

Your Humble Servant,

The Curator


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The path runs through the thicket, still.

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