Please be honest - this is for posterity

Applying for Membership

Before You Begin

You must be mentally and physically prepared for the following application. Center your mind, gird your spirit, and steady your physical hands.

For the application to be truly effective, you MUST take your time and answer every question as who you are RIGHT NOW, not who you wish to be someday.

Please ensure you are not wearing enchanted clothing or talismans of any kind before proceeding further.

Finally, please answer honestly – this is for posterity.

The path runs through the thicket, still.


Members use a Society Name (nomen) at all meetings, in order to protect their identities. Obscure literary references always appreciated.
Country, City, and State/Province
Please note: We are prone to sending our members random mailings.
Include a VERY brief biography, including your interest in the occult, esoteric training, and main magical practices.
Grimoire, Trad Craft, GD, Chaos, etc. - or N/A
Which ONE person has had the greatest impact upon your magical understanding and practice?

The path runs through the thicket, still.

Contacting the Curator