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How Does This Work?

Members of The Cross & Key meet once monthly, on (or very near) the night of the full moon, via a private video messaging conference. Membership is conditional upon attending at least four meetings a year.

After going around, each member sharing the details of a working performed in the month since the previous gathering, the true purpose of the meeting begins, wherein one (or occasionally more) things occur:

One member may present in full the details of a failed or less than successful rite. The others then confer and consult in an attempt to “troubleshoot” and improve the rite. Or…

One member may present a new and untried working for both consultation and a commitment that all will perform the rite before the next meeting, reporting their findings at the next gathering. Or…

A newly proposed member may be invited to present an original rite for the company’s consideration. The members will confer, they may question the applicant, and they will, before the next full moon, perform the rite. The results of which will inform their vote at the next meeting as to the applicants acceptance.

Member privacy is augmented by the use of Society Names (Nomen) during meetings and in correspondence.

Members have access to a growing private digital library of all rites, rituals, and commentaries produced for and within these meetings.

Members have access to various private “accessories” which may be used within their magical rites, or to identify and recognize other members during their wanderings.

I’ve applied – when will I know if I’ve been accepted?

After your application is received, it will be reviewed by the Curator and their team. If intrigued, you may be invited to attend an induction meeting (make sure your mailing address is correct in your application, please), wherein you will present an original magical ritual for evaluation by the attending members.

After the meeting, the members will confer – should your application be approved, you will be notified by the following full moon. If your application is for any reason not accepted, you will not hear from us again.

The path runs through the thicket, still.

Contacting the Curator